PVD–>ABQ: Observing the MOVE-ments…

2 thoughts on “PVD–>ABQ: Observing the MOVE-ments…”

  1. This was a good read, my friend. Glad the three of you made it safely with no more than fatigue and “T.B.” (tired booty…for those who don’t know my terminology). I was concerned, because I know ho nasty it can get between here in NM and Nashville. I have made the trip (in warmer months) so many times I could almost do it blindfolded. But I always tense up until I get out of the worst part of ‘Tornado Alley.’ Last August, I made the trip, due to my eldest brother passing away, and it was the trip from Hades. Shredded a tire on some of the road debris and chuckholes just west of Russellville, Arkansas, and grateful to some guys at one of the tire shops who got us back on the road within about 30 minutes. Even though I felt the need to go back and say my farewells to my brother, it was a very strained trip. I couldn’t wait to get back to wide open spaces of NM! It was very tiring to say the least.

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