“America Belongs to YOU”

First Speech, President Donald J Trump It was the speech I had prayed for, waited for, so long…one where our Chief Executive said the words, “You, the American People, are the power”. It was the most comforting of uncomfortable moments to see and hear our President openly and boldly stating the challenges we face from … Continue reading “America Belongs to YOU”

2016: A Veterans Day Like No Other

  11:11:11.  Lodge members stop in silent reverence to all who fought, lived and died – American soldiers, sailors, pilots, intelligence, Green Berets, Seabees, Seals, Special Forces, WAVES, WACS, Coast Guard rescue fleets and Airdales, Platoons, Commanders, USO, Support Services and Veterans, their families and friends.  Today we who care and know pause as a … Continue reading 2016: A Veterans Day Like No Other

Living Life in Fact Checks

Wrote this blog two months ago concerning Governor LePage of Maine, a man of courage and fortitude who exemplifies the best of leaders.   I was reading an article early this morning from source npr.org about Maine’s Governor LePage declaring ‘I will not talk to the press anymore!’, with commentary eluding to ‘racist’ remarks about … Continue reading Living Life in Fact Checks

How Much More?

The most frightening development of this century has been something few speak of; it goes beyond the headlines, way past the rhetoric.  It speaks to who we are increasingly because this fright blankets everything, like it or not, because of our inability to understand truth anymore. Lies.  A weapon so powerful that destruction of persons, … Continue reading How Much More?